Parent’s Assembly Constitution

WHEREAS it appeared desirable that a Parents Assembly be formed at Midlands Christian College (“The College”) to support The College management in the running of The College it was and is agreed that :-


The name of the association is hereby established and constituted shall be Midlands Christian College Parents Assembly (“The Assembly”)



The objectives of the assembly shall be :-

2.1  to facilitate and promote communication between the parent body and The College management, being the Board of Trustees, Principal, Teachers and other staff of The College.

2.2  to undertake specific projects to improve The College facilities or promote the welfare of The College.
2.3  to raise money and receive donations which may be used, invested or disposed of in such a manner as may be in the best interest of The College.
2.4  to mobilise the parent body to assist in all matters extramural and special College functions.
These objectives are to be pursued in a manner befitting a Christian Senior School.


The headquarters of the Assembly shall be The College where all meetings shall take place unless otherwise decided by the Parents Assembly Committee established hereunder.



4.1 Composition (+/- 10/12 people)

There shall be a Parents Assembly Committee (“The Committee”) comprising :-

4.1.1  The College Principal and not more than 2 other members of staff who will be ex officio members with voting rights.

4.1.2  one parent / guardian member per 50 pupils elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or co-opted by the committee in terms of paragraph 4.2.3 hereof.

4.2 Election


4.2.1 Members of the committee shall be elected at the AGM from accepted written nominations. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of members required a ballot shall be held and the
required number of members who receive the most votes shall be declared dully elected.


4.2.2  Elected members shall serve for a 2 year term and shall be eligible for reelection.

4.2.3  The Committee shall have the power to fill by co-option any vacancies which may arise in-between AGMs and such co-option shall be subject to ratification by the parent body at the next general meeting or AGM.


4.3 Election of Office Bearers

The committee members shall from amongst themselves immediately after an AGM elect Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Ex officio members shall not be eligible for election to any office.

4.4 Duties

The duties of the committee shall be :-

4.4.1  to work towards the achievement, promotion or furtherance of the objectives of the association as set out herein.

4.4.2  to appoint sub-committees as it deems fit for the achievement of such objectives or for special
purposes or projects.


4.4.3 to deal with all business arising from meeting of the parents body.
The committee shall have no right or power to interfere with the running of The College or The College curriculum. 4.5 Meetings


4.5.1 The committee shall meet at least once in each calendar month of each school term and at such other times as it may decide. Committee meetings shall be called at no less than 48 hours notice. The

following reports shall be presented at each meeting :-  the Chairperson’s report  the Principal’s report  the Treasurer’s report
4.5.2  The quorum necessary for the transaction of business of the committee shall be half the number of all members.
4.5.3  Any resolution of the committee shall be by a vote of those members present and voting at a properly constituted meeting of the committee. Any motion proposed and which fails to receive in its favour a majority of the members present and voting and a motion on which there is an equality of votes for and against shall be deemed not to have been passed by the committee.
4.6 Vacation of Office

Any member of the committee shall cease to be a member and bearer of office if :-

4.6.1  he or she resigns by submitting a written notice of resignation to the Chairperson.
4.6.2  he or she fails to attend 2 consecutive meetings without reasonable cause.
4.6.3  if his or her child cease to be a pupil at The College although the committee, at its discretion, may
allow such a member to serve on the committee until the next AGM.

4.6.4  in the case of ex officio members if the member leaves the employ of The College.
4.6.5  if he or she becomes of unsound mind, insolvent, or is in any other way incapable of managing his
own affairs or is or becomes under any legal disability affecting his legal capacity.

4.7 Duties of Office Bearers

4.7.1  The Chairperson shall :-  preside at all meetings of the parent body and the committee.  prepare and present an annual report to the AGM.
In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson the members present shall from amongst themselves elect a chairperson for that meeting.
4.7.2  The Vice Chairperson shall carry out the duties of the Chairperson in his or her absence.
Midlands Christian College Parents Assembly Constitution

4.7.3 The Secretary shall :- keep proper records of all business transacted by the committee and present at each monthly meeting minutes of the previous meeting. carry out all instructions of the committee and the association including convening of
4.7.4 The Treasurer shall :- on behalf of the committee open and operate such bank, building society, POSB or other

accounts as shall be decided by the committee  keep proper records of all the financial transactions of the association.  be responsible for the safe-keeping of the funds of the association.


The financial year of the association shall run from the date of one AGM to the next provided that no AGM shall be

held later than the 15th of February of each year.


6.1 There shall be 4 signatories to the bank account being the Treasurer, Chairperson, Secretary and Principal.

6.2 All the cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and any one of the other 3 signatories.



There shall be at least one ordinary general meeting of the present body in each school term which shall be convened on 7 days written notice.



8.1  The AGM of the association shall be held as early as practicable in the first school term of each year

in any event no later than the 15th February.
8.2  The AGM shall be convened on 10 days written notice.
8.3  The following business shall be transacted at each AGM :-

8.3.1  reading notice convening the meeting.
8.3.2  reading and confirming minutes of previous AGM.
8.3.3  receiving, considering and, if the parent body agrees, adopting the following reports :-  the Chairperson’s report.  the Treasurer’s report incorporating statements of accounts and balance sheet.  the Principal’s report.
8.3.4  electing parent members of the committee.
8.3.5  electing an Honorary Auditor.
8.3.6  any other competent business, submitted in writing 2 days prior to the AGM.


This constitution may only be amended by a resolution of at least two thirds of the parent present and voting at an AGM

and ratified by the Board of Trustees.



The Board of Trustees shall have the right to dissolve the committee at any time if in their opinion the activities of the committee are detrimental to the interest of The College. In such eventuality the funds of the association as at the date of the dissolution shall be frozen until a decision is reached as to their disposal by an interim committee elected for that purpose by the parent body.