Our Vision as a Sports Department is:

To achieve sporting excellence, passion and competence on the sports field whilst promoting Christian values such as tolerance, friendship, fair-play, love and respect for all.


The Deputy Head oversees the Sports Department. We have two full time members of staff (coaches). School staff form a team of TICs (Teachers in Charge) of the various sporting disciplines. We also engage external sports coaches for specific sports on a part time basis and have the added benefit of volunteer “gap year” students.  It is compulsory for all children, from the year age of 7 turning 8, to attend at least two afternoons of sport per week.  In the swimming seasons, swimming becomes the compulsory sport, and additional sports are optional.

Sporting Disciplines currently being offered by Midlands Christian School include:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey (boys and girls)
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Cross Country