All teachers undergo a basic psychology course during their teacher training.  That coupled with a love for children and serving the Lord makes all teachers counsellors in some form.  However, for cases where children require more one-on-one time with a counsellor, there is a member of staff nominated as the “School Counsellor.”  Should the School Counsellor feel there is need for a more professional approach he/she will consult with the Head and the parents concerned.

Role of the Teacher:  

1 Teachers are asked to take note of any unusual behaviour of the children in the class, on an individual basis.  

2 If anything unusual is noticed, the teacher is encouraged to talk with the child.  Teachers are requested to advise the Head of any serious issues which may need further counsel.

3 The Head and he/she will call in the parent(s)/guardian(s).

4 If the child is a boarder, the Hostel Parent will be informed, and the matter discussed, so as to see if the behaviour is consistent both at school and at the hostel.


1 If the Head and the parent(s)/guardian(s) believe further counselling is needed, they will suggest this to the parent/guardian and request for a Consent to Counsel to be signed by the parent, and the school counsellor will arrange to meet with the child.

2 The signed Consent to Counsel will be filed and kept in the child’s individual file.  

3 Should further professional counselling be necessary, the school authorities (Head and or Counsellor) will advise the parent/guardian and will assist the parent/guardian in linking up with a professional counsellor.