The Grade 1 – 3 classes go on a day-length “field trip” at least once during the year.  The selection of the trip is left to the staff of the classes involved and ties in with their syllabus being taught.  Below are destinations which are commonly visited by the classes, but teaching staff are free to initiate new venues, should the need and availability arise.

GRADE 1: A visit to a local farm.

GRADE 2: A shoe factory; a biscuit factory; a sweet factory.

GRADE 3: The Museum in Bulawayo; Chipingali Animal Orphanage outside Bulawayo; the Zimbabwe Ruins.

GRADE 4: The Railway Museum in Bulawayo.

3-night stay at Jabulani Safaris, Environmental Camp.

GRADE 5: 4-night camp at Pamuzinda (Chengeta Safaris) Safari camp. The camp hosts tie this in with the Grade 5 curriculum.

GRADE 6: 4-night leadership camp at Adventureland, Nyanga

GRADE 7: 4-night environmental camp at Lasting Impressions, Kadoma.

GRADE 6 BOYS CAMP: Usually in the April holidays, Jabulani Safaris.

GRADE 6 GIRLS DAYS: Usually one event per term, on campus.

PREFECTS’ CAMP: A weekend leadership and collaboration (teamwork) camp, in March each   year. Preferred venue:  Jabulani Safaris.


This is a pre-teen series of studies, presented by Scripture Union, which is conducted by the school Chaplain and his wife, over a period of four weeks.  Parents are communicated with prior to carrying out the program, so that they are aware of what their children are being exposed to.  

Teaching staff for those classes also attend and assist where necessary.