Midlands Christian School prepares children for both the Zimbabwe National Grade 7 and the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations, by use of the respective curricula.  Bearing in mind our Vision to raise God fearing pupils who will be the leaders of tomorrow, our aim is to nurture children to reach their God-given potential in Christ and bring them to their own individual level of excellence in education.  We aim for all pupils to obtain their certificates in Mathematics, English, Social Science, Agriculture Science and Technology, Virtual Preforming Arts and Shona,  in the ZIMSEC examinations, and in Mathematics, English and Science in the Cambridge examinations.  In addition to ZIMSEC and Cambridge examinations, the Grade 7 children sit the CHISZ Shona and Computer examinations.

Staff aim to vary their mode of teaching, using the blackboard, electronic whiteboard, work sheets, textbooks, interactive sessions, practical sessions and group work, in order to meet the varying learning styles of the children.  Remediation time is offered, where necessary, in the afternoons by a qualified remediation teacher.  The Computer teacher has weekly lessons with all children from Grade 0 to Grade 7.  Shona is likewise taught by a specialist Shona teacher.