Signing in and out Procedure

  1. Fixture free weekends occur each term.  Over these weekends all boarders are to go home for the weekend.  No one may remain in hostel.
  2. Pupils may be signed out on other weekends provided that the child does not have a school or sporting commitment that weekend.
  3. Travel and signing out arrangements are not done over the phone.  It is the sole responsibility of the parents to make all necessary arrangements for their child/children beforehand.  The school must be informed in writing with a signature by the parent or authorised guardian at least 3 days prior to travel in cases where:
  1. The person coming to pick up the child is not on his/her signing out list.
  2. The child is being picked up outside the stipulated times.
  1. Signing in and out of pupils is supervised by the Hostel Parent, only within specified hours.
  2. Visiting and collection times are as follows:

Monday – Thursday no visits are allowed except for emergencies.  (Should you wish to drop something off to your child, please do so vial the school reception).

Fridays 1300 – 1630

Saturdays 1500 – 1630

Sundays 1500 – 1630

  1. Returning time for Saturdays and Sundays is 1630.  For Fixture Free weekends and when returning from school holiday, boarders will be expected to be signed in between 12 noon and 5 pm.
  2. Only those people authorised in advance by parents or who are on the pupil’s signing in and out list maybe allowed to sign students out.