Boarding Life at MCC

Midlands Christian School offers both day school and boarding places. Our full capacity at present is twenty-one girls and fourteen boys. The atmosphere in hostel is that of a “home away from home.”

Located on campus, Cornerstone (girls) and Onyx (boys) offer full boarding to pupils, from Grade 1 to 7. Children are accommodated in junior and senior dormitories and have a shared common room in Cornerstone hostel. The Hostel Parent, whose flat is adjoined to Cornerstone hostel, oversees the running of the hostel, assisted by a Junior Master whose flat adjoins Onyx hostel where the boys are accommodated.

Our hostels are run by Christian staff who uphold the rules by which the School is run and teach Christian principles. These hostels have structured programmes which ensure adequate study time, spiritual input, a reasonable bedtime and time to relax.