“TREASURE TROVE” – Little Steps into a Big World!


Head of Department:  Mrs M Anders

Grade 000: “Aunty Nyarai” (Mrs Tshuma)

Grade 00M: Mrs K Mukwenya

Grade 00A: Mrs M Anders

Grade 0L: Mrs Letso

Grade 0P: Mrs Pattison

Class Sizes

Grade 000: maximum 10

Grade 00: maximum 12

Grade 0: maximum 24

Mrs Anders and the staff are passionate about developing the little ones, in body, mind and spirit.  Our desire is to prepare children for formal school by using a combination of fun ideas and sound educational practice.  The children are exposed to Integrated Learning Therapy, Art, Craft, Numeracy, Literacy, Physical Education, Music and Movement, Computers and Swimming.  We have an annual Sports Day, a concert and a field trip, which are always enjoyed by the children.  

Our aim is for our children to grow in ability, confidence and love for the Lord.  We believe in praying and loving, caring, sharing, growing, developing, learning and nurturing in developing the children.



Head of Department: Mrs C Khola

Grade 1K Mrs C Khola

Grade 1L Mrs C Letso

Grade 2Kho Mrs E Khola

Grade 2W Mrs T Watambwa

Grade 3W Mrs E West

Grade 3R Mrs A Ruwodo

Our Infants Department, led by Mrs Khola, comprises a group of six passionate and enthusiastic staff.  Building on the experiences from pre-school, the staff teach, nurture and guide the children in their conceptual development.  There is a stress on moving gradually from the concrete (used as much as possible) towards the abstract.  Effort and time are given to developing speech, diction and understanding.  



Head of Department: Mrs S Pswarai

Grade 4K Miss K Khumalo

Grade 4S Mr G Sithole

Grade 5J Mr T Jesseniah

Grade 5R Mrs C Rahman

Grade 6M Mrs V Mudzamba

Grade 6C Mr T Chapenga

Grade 7K Mrs N Khumalo

Grade 7P Mrs S Pswarai

Our Middle and Upper Primary Department, led by Mrs Pswarai, comprises a multi-talented staff.  Some are qualified in working with children who experience learning differences, some have a counselling qualification, and all are dedicated teachers by profession. The emphasis in approach in this department is to continue what has been begun in the lower grades, building concept upon concept, (“precept upon precept”) working from the known to the unknown with the children.



Head of Department: Mr G Sithole

Teachers Mrs E Chindabata

Mr G Chiwara

Spoken Shona lessons begin half-way through the Grade 1 year.  In Grade 2 the children move on to spoken and written work. Learning of the Shona language and culture is regarded as both important and vital in Zimbabwe today.  One of Mrs Chindabata’s personal aims is to break down any negative attitudes that students may have towards the learning of Shona. The Shona teachers include a visit to Zimbabwe ruins, an outside traditional “cooking day”, and a visit to the marketplace at different stages.  

All Grade 7 children write the Association of Trust Schools Shona examination, L1 and L2 as well as the Zimsec Grade 7 Shona examination.  The results from the last two years are as follows:


Zimsec – 84%

ATS Chisz: L1 Shona – 97.14%

                 : L2 Shona – 77.78%


Zimsec – 88%

ATS Chisz: L1 Shona – 100%

                 : L2 Shona – 94%



Head of Department: Mr G Sithole

Remedial Staff Mr G Sithole

Mrs S Pswarai

Mr C Chapenga

Mr Sithole is qualified in special needs and has also undergone the Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) training. He has bee awarded the National Institute of Learning Differences (NILD) Stage 1 qualification. Our remediation staff attend REMTA workshops when possible as a means to keep abreast with modern trends in the special needs field. We practice “inclusive remediation” where children with learning differences are assigned a session with the remedial teacher in the afternoons.  Where children are seen to require more than this to assist them, parents are recommended to have their child assessed by an Educational Psychologist.  Once the Assessment Report is forwarded to the school, we do our best to align our teaching and expectations with the recommendations given by the Educational Psychologist, together with input and support from the parents.  Some children may be requested to attend a “remedial session” as a once off or for a few weeks, if having difficulty with a specific concept, but generally coping well.


Head of Department: Mr T Jesseniah

Teacher Miss N Cook

Pupils begin attending “computer” lessons in Grade 0, gaining confidence in the terminology of the basic hardware and use of the mouse, through simple interactive games on the computer.  During their time in the primary school, all children learn to use Word, Spreadsheets, Excel and PowerPoint.  The Grade 7 children sit the Association of Trust Schools CHISZ Computer Examination in the second half of their Grade 7 year.  The practical and theory are done at separate times.

The results from the CHISZ Computer Examination for the last two years are:

2018 – 97.67%

2019 – 100%