In 2017, the Board of Trustees of Midlands Christian School passed a resolution to enable the restructuring of the Midlands Christian School, Midlands Christian College and Midlands Christian Training Centre (currently mothballed) into a single centrally administered institution headed by a Principal Director, with Pastor D. Pswarai being appointed as the Group’s first Principal Director. 

The Midlands Christian Group of Schools (MCGS) is focused on Christ-centred education that will empower and nurture pupils to reach their God-given potential in education, equip them for responsible adulthood and aims to impact their eternal future. 

Midlands Christian School and Midlands Christian College are both members of the Association of Trust Schools of Zimbabwe and the Association of Christian Schools International – Zimbabwe, with Midlands Christian College accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International.

Our critical goal is to equip all our pupils to be in a position to confidently and correctly answer the following important life questions;

    1. Who am I? (Identity)
    2. Where do I come from? (Origin)
    3. Where am I going? (Destination)
    4. Why do I exist? (Purpose)

Situated 7km from the city of Gweru in the heart of Zimbabwe, the Midlands Christian Group of Schools offers a vibrant and holistic approach to education with pupil involvement in not only the academic programme, but also co-curricular and spiritual programmes. 

The institution consists of:

Pre-school (Treasure Trove): Grade 000; Grade 00; Grade 0 (3-5 years)

MCS: Grades 1 – 7 (6-12 years)

MCC: Forms 1 – Upper 6 (13 years +)

Both day scholar and boarding places are offered. 

Facilities Include: Classrooms equipped with a range of support equipment such as white boards, smart boards and general projectors; Hall; Library; Sanatorium; Hostels and Kitchen; Sports Pavilion; Sports Fields and other sporting facilities such as basketball and tennis courts as well as a swimming pool; and farming projects like poultry and vegetable gardens. 


  • Children are housed in dormitories, and roomed accommodation on campus under the supervision of Hostel Parents and assisted by other hostel duty staff, all of who work to ensure that hostel is a ‘home away from home’. 
  • MCS boarding places are offered to children who range in age from 6 – 13 years and MCC boarding places are offered to children who range in age from 13 – 19 years. 
  • Children are allowed to stay in hostel over the weekend, except for half term weekends, in which case children are required to go home. 
  • Hostel entertainment facilities include table tennis, football and other ball games, swimming, DSTV and board games.
  • On Sundays, MCS pupils attend Sunday services at local churches, and MCC pupils attend hostel church where different visiting pastors minister to them. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We are dedicated to Christ; striving for effectiveness; committed to excellence as we nurture children to reach their God-given potential in Christ. 
  • We pride ourselves in ongoing development of resources and facilities.
  • We provide a wide range of subjects and have pass rates to be proud of.
  • We regularly test and assess student progress.
  • We have a successful extra-curricular programme.
  • We provide general guidance, counselling and mentorship, as well as career guidance.
  • We care for the well-being of your child and foster a family-type atmosphere.
  • We do not tolerate bullying, bad language and unruly behaviour. 
  • We have staff who are well-qualified and of high calibre.