Core beliefs of the Midlands Christian Group of Schools –  

As a group, we are based on Christian, evangelical beliefs and practices which are demonstrated by members of staff and through all school programmes.


Education Objectives as laid out in the schools trust deed:

1.​ The production of well-rounded Christian character – spiritual, academic, physical, cultural and social – through the provision of a variety of opportunities of each pupil or student.

2.​ A strong grounding in English and Mathematics, and a systematic and holistic approach to all subjects, to maximise the educational and career opportunities of each pupil or student.

3.​ The provision of a firm, but fair system of discipline.

4.​ The development of Biblical moral and ethical standards.

5. The fostering of team-spirit, impartation of wisdom, and encouraging faith in God through Jesus Christ, not only for salvation, but in every area of life.

6. Provision of sufficient opportunities for each child to realise his or her God-given potential.