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  • The Christian principles and biblical foundation of the school are reinforced in assemblies and Scripture classes.
  • Hymn singing and prayer are a part of our Friday mornings
  • Children are exposed to various guest speakers / groups for short devotionals
  • Our disciplinary system is based on Christian principles as found in the New King James version of the bible
  • Children are exposed to various outreach programs
  • Counseling is available for both adults and children
My name is Nontokozo Khumalo. I hold a Certificate in Ministry (Pastor) which deals with counsel children of all ages, parents and families.
My counselling focuses on:
  • Children with disabilities (and their families)
  • Children involved in drug and alcohol abuse
  • Children who have been bullied
  • Children who are bullies
  • Marriage and family counselling
  • People living with HIV/AIDS
I have a strong passion for counselling, I believe it is an important aspect of the school and helps maintain the wellbeing of a school. If the above problems are not addressed, it is difficult for the affected individual to function normally both socially and emotionally. This social and emotional imbalance will then result in under performance academically. I deal with bullying, death in the family, children whose parents have migrated over-seas, separation and divorce and slow learners and their parents. This therapy comes free of charge and I urge parents with children going through any of the mentioned to bring them in for help. These children are our future let us not watch them suffer with issues that can be solved.