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Outreach Programs

Our school prides itself in playing an active role within its local community. Not only does it provide an excellent standard of education to those within the Midlands area, but it also takes part in several on going activities in and around the city. We feel that getting children positively involved in their community, nurtures a selfless and caring attitude within them. It also develops a sense of belong and pride towards their area and our country Zimbabwe. Mildlands Christian School will passionately continue to strive towards being a relevant and positive prescence with Gweru and the surrounding area.

MCS Educate The Nation 2014

An exciting new initiative has been dreamt up and spear-headed by our MCS PA ( Parents Assembly). This initiative, called MCS Educate The Nation, will be encouraging our students to look beyond their personal needs and think more about less fortunate children within the Gweru community.  Collection bins will be placed in every classroom to collect items that will be passed on to the needy.  Pencils, pens, rubbers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons, exercise books, cellotape, story books, satchels are just a few ideas of what we are hoping to collect. Anything school related will be happily recieved and GREATLY appreciated!!!!  When you are next caught at a supermarket till point and cannot get the correct amount of change, why not turn down that bubblegum or sweet, and instead ask for a pen or a pencil.  We look forward to your enthusiastic support as we encourage our children to immitate Christ and take care of the less fortunate!  May God richly bless you as you walk out your faith and belief in His Kingdom.  

Other Community Projects

Our children and staff work on an on-going bases with the Mukoba Chidren's Center of Hope, Jairus Jiri and two of our local old age homes. Soon to join the list of on-going projects is work with Seanga Primary School in Silobela. We also take part in a variety of community events that are held throughout the year, such as city clean-up programmes, and singing Christmas Carols within the city center during the festive season.

Mukoba Children's Center of Hope

This center is a boys only facility. It exists solely to care for and assists those in desperate need. Our outreach team of children and teachers visited the Center of Hope in 2nd Term 2012. It was a day of building friendships, having fun, and sharing the gospel. Our children spent time getting to know the young boys and learning about their different life situations. The team had made special cards for each boy, sharing the good news about God's love. We were able to present the boys with much needed and long awaited for shoes. We also managed to donate pots, plates, cups, cultery and cooking oil- for which the center was very appreciative. Many of the children from our out-reach team were changed by their visit, and were reminded once again that there are many people in need of love and assistance.

Jairus Jiri

Leading up to Christmas time, our school takes a group of children to our local Jairus Jiri. The children are able to meet those in need, and a add a bit of joy and laughter to their day. Our team spends time getting to know everyone, and dishing out presents. This day is always a day of happiness- both in giving and receiving. Thank you to all the students and parents of Midlands Christian School that make this day posibble by donating special items towards making the gift packs. May our school never tire in doing good and bringing joy.

Seanga Primary School

During the 2nd Term of 2012, an outreach team made a trip out to Silobela to visit Seanga Primary School. Our team were very excited to have the opportunity of helping another school. The team took special soccer balls along on the trip. These balls are multi-coloured, and each colour signifies different aspects of the good news about Jesus Christ. A very competitive game of soccer was first played with the balls. Friendships were developed during the game, as well as on the long walk to the near-by river. A time of singing lead into a heartfelt message about Jesus Christ (using the coloured soccer balls from the match). Our out-reach team then presented the children with some soccer balls, uniforms and clothes. It was a very eventful and rewarding day for all the children. In the near future, our school will be returning to Seanga Primary School to donate chicks and chick feed. This is in order to help Seanga Primary School start an income generating project that can continue to help their school.

Old Age Homes

Midlands Christian School also works cheerfully with the local old age homes in Gweru. Throughout 3rd Term, non-perishable goods are collected by our students, and made into gift parcels. These parcels are then taken and shared amongst our elderly citizens. It is a day when our children get to appreciate and learn from those that have gone before them, and a day for the elderly to enjoy the refreshing company of the young ones. We are looking forward excitedly to this up-coming festive season!