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Hostel Parent: Mrs J. Zvinoera
Hostel Staff:  Mrs C. Khola; Mr T. Jesseniah; Mr G. Sithole; Mrs S. Sibanda; Miss K. Khumalo; Mrs C. Letso
Junior Master: Mr C. Office
Hostel Landline: +263 54 2228508
Cell Phone: 0778 642696

·         Mrs Zvinoera, the Hostel Mother, overseas the running of the hostel
·         Full boarding facilities available for boys and girls
·         Parents may take their children home over weekends or leave them in hostel (except during fixture free weekends)
·         Children in Hostel attend church every Sunday
·         Entertainment in the form of outdoor games, excursions, board games, table-tennis, reading books and DSTV are available for children over weekends
·         Laundry is taken care of by laundry staff
·         Meals are prepared by our competent kitchen staff

Student Composition:

·         Grade 1:   Girls – 1   Boys - 0

·         Grade 2:   Girls – 2   Boys - 0

·         Grade 3:   Girls – 3   Boys - 1

·         Grade 4:   Girls – 4   Boys - 1

·         Grade 5:   Girls – 4   Boys - 5

·         Grade 6:   Girls – 3   Boys - 8

·         Grade 7:   Girls – 4   Boys - 5

Total: 41
Available Spaces: Girls - 9   Boys - 8

Hostel Life

Tawananyasha Musvosvi (Grade 1):
I like playing with my friends, eating apples and singing songs. I feel safe at hostel. The teachers and my friends always help me. Shower time is fun!
Tiyamike Tembo (Grade 3):
I have never lived in hostel before. When I first arrived, I was nervous. Some girls started talking to me and became my friends. I felt happy, I didn't miss home too much. The older girls help me with my home work. I like all the friends I have at hostel, and the teachers also. I love it when we play all together outside, and the tasty food we get to eat! 
Nessly Sithole (Grade 4):
I enjoy the devotion times we have every evening. We also get to do fun art and crafts. I love playing with my friends.....Dodge Ball is my favourite game! 
Prince Charuma (Grade 4):
I like all the games we get to play after school: puzzles, chess, draught and playing outside on the swings. I like eating the hostel food. I also get to watch T.V with all my friends. The teachers help me with my homework. 
Angelina Nyahwa (Grade 5):
I like hostel because you always have someone to play with and talk to. On weekends we all wake up and have our devotion time together in the dorm. I love listening to Bible Stories. 
Rachel Banda (Grade 6):
Hostel feels like home. The teachers are like parents, and my friends are like sisters and brothers. I enjoy the devotions that we have each evening. We pray, sing songs, learn about God and many things from the Bible. I also love playing table tennis with my friends.
Donnel Nkomo (Grade 7):
I enjoy seeing my friends everyday. I like doing my homework at hostel, and getting help if I am confused. I like all the chats we have as boys in the dorm before we fall asleep. Hostel is like a second home. I love the food! 
Tavimba Sibanda (Grade 7):
I enjoy playing soccer outside with my friends. I love playing on the jungle gym. I like eating my tuck!