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Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove Head:   Mrs. M Anders
Grade 000: Aunty Nyarai
Grade 00: Mrs. M Anders; Mrs K Mukwenya
Grade 0: Mrs F. Pattison; Mrs C. Letso
This is our Nursery School
We cater for children aged 3 to 5
We have four competent and experienced members of staff teaching at the Trove.

We believe in....

praying and loving,

caring, sharing, growing, developing,

learning and nurturing,

in developing your child.

Treasure Trove has a happy, warm atmosphere. Our desire is to prepare the children for formal school by using a combination of fun, playful ideas as well as sharing the love of Jesus with them.
We have a lovely school with green grass and attractive gardens with colourful playground equipment for the children to play on.
The school is divided into five classes: one Grade 000, two Grade 00 and two Grade 0 classes. We offer our pupils a variety of exciting field trips and fun days like a Christmas concert and sports day.
Our swimming lessons which happen twice a week are a highlight with the children!