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Head Of Department: Mr G. Sithole
Remedial Staff: Mr G. Sithole; Miss K. Khumalo
The department is currently run by two enthusiastic teachers with a vision to improve the children's academic performance in the classroom.
All children in the school come from different backgrounds and are nurtured in distinct environments. The remedial department steps in to help narrow the gaps by equipping children with basic skills that will assist them function in the classroom just like everyone else.
If a child has major learning difficulties, referrals are done and the child is assessed to establish the extent of the difficulties. This will determine the type of programme the child will be involved in. Unfortunately, at this point, our department is not equipped to handle severe cases, however, this is something we are working on.
The Centre is always striving to keep up with modern trends in the special needs field. Our Remedial Staff recently attended an Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) course. The course introduces practitioners to an eco-systemic, neuro-developmental approach for recognising and supporting learners with learning and behavioural difficulties without the use of drugs. As a result students can benefit  from this course by going through a remedial movement program.
The department will continue to develop until we believe we can satisfy EVERY child's needs.