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Head of Department: Mrs. C Khola
Grade 1K: Mrs C Khola
Grade 1Kho: Mrs E. Khola
Grade 2S: Mrs S Sibanda
Grade 2W: Miss T. Watambwa
Grade 3D: Mr T. Damba
Grade 3R: Mrs A. Ruwodo


Our Infants department is headed by Mrs. C Khola: a highly competent, educated and well experienced Infants teacher. Mrs. Khola has been in the classroom for over 35 years, and continues to excel in her passion for educating young children. She is a resilient leader who offers clear direction to the entire Infants department.
The Infants Department is comprised of four highly passionate and enthusiastic women. These teachers work diligently throughout the days, weeks and months to see that our children get the highest possible level of education. It is their primary focus to see that every child has strong educational foundations set before leaving the department. Each Infants staff member aspires to offer a relevant and exciting experience daily in the classroom. Every lesson causes the child to engage, interact and digest the knowledge that is being taught. Our staff frequently attend educational workshops and conferences across Zimbabwe to ensure that they are continually being inspired and kept abreast of the educational face of today. Tools and methods of teaching are constantly being developed, and they make it their priority to keep in the know how. In our classrooms, knowledge is brought to life in creative, fun and exciting ways!